Aysha Banos began documenting with cameras at the age of 6. Beginning with a VHS video camera in the early 90s, Aysha found her love for capturing and creating moments. This continued throughout her life, leaving just about every aspect of her life permanently documented on video and disposable cameras. It was when Aysha got her first cell phone camera that she became immersed in photography. Photographing detailed images of things such as raindrops lingering on a branch of a tree. At the age of 16, Aysha began her first internship working for a fashion photographer in Los Angeles. It was then that Aysha found her love for Fashion Photography. Aysha began looking for models in her hometown, turning her garage into a photo studio. Using backdrops and 100 watt hot lights, Aysha sorted through ideas creating a variety of worlds within her images. Passion is what moves Aysha to succeed and every time she picks up a camera it is instinctual. Not only does Aysha's unique eye show her devotion for photography, her lifetime of experience proves that it is genuine.                                                                                                                                                     

Aysha Banos is also the Photo Editor of Rogue Magazine she currently lives in Los Angeles, California.



School of Visual Arts, NYC
BFA / Photography



Swatch, Jac Vanek, 5 Preview, Milk Studios, Brandy Melville, Aviva Hair, O-Mighty, Minty Jungle, Jeffrey Campbell, Happy Hour, Good hYOUman, Motel Rocks, Juniqe, YRU Shoes, Sol Water, Alex & Chloe 


Publications, Features, & Interviews:

Vogue Italia, New York Post, W Magazine, Creem Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, S Magazine, Ben Trovato, Lomography, Flanelle Magazine, Ladygunn Magazine,  Beautiful Decay, Breed, Sticks & Stones Agency, Fashion Grunge, Papercut Magazine